Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters: A Brand Making Waves Not Just Nationally but Internationally, All Bootstrapped

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In the world of coffee, there’s a brand making waves with its genuine approach and innovative spirit. Meet Corridor.Seven Coffee Roasters, a company that’s been on an incredible journey since its inception in 2017. Far from your typical coffee shop, Corridor Seven is all about sharing the love of specialty Indian coffee and building a community around it. Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters isn’t just a coffee company; it’s a movement. Established in 2017, Corridor Seven has been championing for seven years now. When discussing the numbers game, currently, there are four outlets in the city that have seen a growth of 2.5 times year on year since their inception. And, with the addition of an in-house coffee quality control team consisting of professionals from both within the country and abroad, it is further strengthening its roots. Leading the charge at Corridor Seven is Mithilesh Vazalwar, a former finance professional turned coffee professional who owns the title of a two-time Indian Coffee Champion (Indian AeroPress Champion ’17 and National Barista Champion ’22) with 3-time international judging experience, and 2-time TEDx speaker under his belt. He’s been instrumental in shaping India’s coffee culture and is now taking Corridor Seven to new heights.
Mithilesh’s recent trip to Melbourne isn’t just about him exploring the coffee scene Down Under; it’s a symbol of Corridor Seven’s global aspirations. Melbourne, known as the coffee capital of the world, represents an exciting opportunity for the brand to expand its reach beyond borders. With Mithilesh’s 4th time in Melbourne, this trip has been exciting as he has been invited to judge the inaugural Australian Espresso championship, further solidifying his influence and expertise in the global coffee community. In just seven years, Corridor Seven has gone from a small startup to a beloved
coffee brand with a loyal following. Through its commitment to quality and community, Corridor Seven is not just a national brand anymore. You may have heard of bigger brands, but this is the real deal. It has travelled across the globe, lifting trophies by winning national coffee championships twice, discovering talents through three-time international judging, and solving the global coffee problem by training rural and urban team members to meet international standards. And with Mithilesh’s vision guiding the way, the future looks bright for Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters


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