From the Corporate Chaos, into the Lap of Wilderness! An Inspiring Journey of Nagpur’s Very Own – Manoj N Gupta

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you just left the daily grind behind and moved into the lush greenery in the Wilderness?

Curious? we’ve got just the perfect story for you today!

Say hello to Manoj Gupta, a stirring personality who has invested more than two decades in the corporate hassle – simply took a pause, looked behind, and decided to leave the concrete jungle and move to the real jungle- Tadoba, our city’s prestige.

Having lived a professional life for more than almost three decades, he played varied roles in marketing, and sales, and has dealt in FMCG retail and industry product marketing. It didn’t take him time to realize his ‘Jungle Call’, as he entered the hospitality industry – Where he ran a restaurant for more than a decade. It was after the hospitality industry that Manoj entered the actual corporate life at IBM and worked in diverse fraternities for a collective of 15-17 years.

Having lived life as an entrepreneur, marketeer, and all things corporate, Manoj realized the check redness he’d been living all this while. In 2020, he finally decided to quit corporate life and moved to Tadoba, the Abode of the Wild Cats!

Manoj says, ‘Quest of the wild is suppressed in the jungle – a concerning notion that needs to be familiarised.’

The mere thought opened an array of doors in his thinking process, and that made him keep going. He got intrigued by the many intricacies of nature, hidden in the core of the jungle. In his experience, it’s uncanny how beautifully the concept of coexistence and co-habitation lives on the inside—the ecosystem has unravelled layers, woven into one to give you the best of nature that there is.

He bridges these details of nature to humanity that exists today; of how much you could learn and grow if you coexisted and cohabitated. You could reach unimaginable heights if you unlearn and uncomplicate the complexities you’ve built around yourself. Getting rid of materialistic pleasure is the only way to attain happiness that comes from within; it’s the only way you can recapture the essence that simplicity brings.

Following on a similar chain of thoughts about how humans can take away a lot from the jungle, Manoj observes, encourages, and enjoys spending his hours of the day with the local tribes in and around Tadoba. He is completely intrigued by the way these tribes are untouched, and how much better off today’s generation could be without the competitive, aggressive, and short-lived life you are living.

Manoj says: “I have a grave amount of concern about what we’ll be leaving for the generations to come. The rich culture that traces back centuries is now ruled by white-collar jobs and the glittering lifestyle that everyone is chasing. Everyone is moving abroad, leaving behind the beauty of what this country has to offer.”

It’s time you broaden your perspective and your views towards how we decide to treat Mother Nature. It’s time we delve into the core of sustainability, not just because it’s something that the herd is following, but because it has a deep-rooted purpose in it.

Manoj is also building a boutique resort in the heart of Tadoba – ‘98 Stripes’, a project close to his heart and the green. It aligns with sustainability, and more so with – being human.

Want to be a part of Manoj’s quest or love hearing more, check out his profile right away.

2 Comments to “From the Corporate Chaos, into the Lap of Wilderness! An Inspiring Journey of Nagpur’s Very Own – Manoj N Gupta”

  • Deepak Gupta

    It is truly inspiring and a story of grit n determination. All the very best.
    Great article

  • Faisal

    Can’t agree more! We humans have made things so complicated that now we struggle to live a peaceful life. Living in nature makes you realise how little we need to live a happy life, away from worldy chaos. What we are leaving behind for future generation is nothing but more chaos.
    Such an Inspirational Story!

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